May 28, 2008

Special Film Production: Decompress

Here stands nearly 2 months of hard work. It's a 5 min short film focusing on a small fictional adventure of my track into an 8-bit dream world. Dashing, talking, jumping, it's all there.

100% of this film was done by me other than the chiptunes you hear throughout. I acted (non-oscar worthy please), voiced (again, less oscar worthy), wrote, filmed, directed, created, animated, edited, sound proofed, and everything else. When you have a $0.00 budget, those are the only options.

I strongly suggest you download it and post your thoughts, mind-clicks, and subsequent arm discharges.

Download Film: Decompress

Alternate Mirror

Current Game Dev'ory: Monotone Friday

This is a project I keep going back to off and on named Monotone Friday. I currently need to go in and fix some issues with file size and loading, but overall it's coming along nicely.

As you can easily see this is a shmup. I normally don't play shmups, but I oddly decided it would be fun to actually make one. No concept behind this game other than insanitation reiteration!

I will release this in due time when I feel it's right for at least beta play.

Unfinishe'd Worke: Puggen

Ooy! Here's a non interactive bit of software that I was playing around with. I was trying to focus on my obsession with pugs as my concept but in the end the idea fell apart. I did minimal work on this, but thought some people would like to see it. I want to eventually go back and restart this art project, but currently I'm in no hurry to do so.

Just download the file below and run the executable. To leave the program press the Esc key. Sorry, again, not compatible on Macs, only windows based PCs >_<

Download: Puggen

May 19, 2008

Art Show: Bon Vivant Pel Suit

Show this weekend!!!!!!!!!

May 14, 2008

Random Drawing: Sweat-en Lee-sard

I wanted to test a photo implementation in illustrator and made the above pic. From what it seems, I need a better camera >_<

May 12, 2008

Surly Dog Thoughts

Would the Earth be as Safe as it is now if Stryker never Existed?

May 11, 2008

Pic Post: Slappin' B'each

Here's a random pic from one of the pieces I did for an all male tree house art show that rocked called the Boys of Basel (as in Art Basel).

Again, like all my other work, humor is the focal point.

Interactive Art: Chance

This is a piece I did about 2 years ago focusing on over abundance and just plain silliness. It opened up at a local art show where people were able to play the piece via a custom control setup. This piece can be played using the arrow buttons (L/R = Movement, U/D = Money) or even use a USB joystick.

The entire piece is mainly for humor aspects and should definitely not be taken seriously

Below is the download link. Note that this only works on most Windows OS only. Sorry, no Macs.

Download: CHANCE

Welcome to a New Beginning

Hello all and welcome to Hat Killed Rabbit,

my little output site for multiple forms of media that I create and put here for you to enjoy. Everything I make and will try to post here will range from from video games, interactive art, artwork, news, progress reports, and fungus-of-death-killer-world-land-meat-fun-zone-serpent-hydration!

I look forward to what this will turn into down the road, but I am already enjoying this.